Skyrocket your career

It's easy to get stuck in tutorials hell. I've been there and I don't want you to go through this alone.

Spot mentoring

Targeted feedback with proposed development path and exemplary assignments.
Covers 7 days of Mentorship.


Do mock interview
Get robust feedback
Receive development plan
Grasp best practices
Set goals & assignments
Work with other mentees
Daily checks via Slack

Project mentoring

Build a project together with a Mentor using modern technologies and best practices.
Covers 30 days of Mentorship.


Spot mentoring, and:
Work in Agile
Design an idea
Code a design
Build & deploy a project
Get real-world experience
Co-op with a Mentor
Join study group

Tailored mentoring

Create a portfolio with projects, skyrocket your skills, and find a dream Frontend job.
Covers 90 days of Mentorship.


Project mentoring, and:
Learn JAMStack
Use behavior tools
Build 3 unique projects
Test with jest & Cypress
Create portfolio
Craft resume
Get Linkedin referral
Practice for interview
Improve self-confidence
Become Frontend Developer
I'm a verified Mentor on codementor and MentorCruise.

How it works

1. Hop on a call

We'll create your profile and adjust individual, effective learning path, you'll receive compact resources and assignments.

2. Unlimited support

I invite all of my mentees to Slack, where we collaborate in real-time through chat and all the burning questions can be asked there.

3. Build, build, build

To learn code, you have to build things. Iterate, improve and reward yourself often, I'll happily support you during this fantastic journey.

I've gained confidence and became an expert thanks to those amazing companies

Unsure? Let's hop on a free 15-minute call to discuss the details of Mentorship


What is the benefit of having a Mentor?

When I landed my first Frontend job and had a dedicated Mentor, it was almost a shock of how quickly another person could speed up my learning curve. The progress I made during that time was on another level compared to all the available resources on the Web.

Is Frontend for me?

Do you like creating & composing things? Can you feel a little bit of excitement when thinking about creating your first website, an application, or even a small chunk of code? If you're here, something tells me you've already decided.

Why you as a Mentor?

I love teaching. It fills me with excitement when I can share my knowledge on any topic but especially in Frontend. Friends & family always say I have a unique ability to motivate others and a voluntary willingness to help.

How to prepare for the session?

We'll meet on Zoom. Best if you prepare a stable internet connection and check your microphone upfront. I'll send detailed feedback after the call to your email or through Slack chat.

What they say 🙈

All testimonials about my services can be found on reddit.