Obsessed with React and teaching. I help people become Frontend Developers. Living with my fiancee and Yorkshire Terrier 🐶 in Poland.
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Obsessed with React and teaching. I help people become Frontend Developers. Living with my fiancee and Yorkshire Terrier 🐶 in Poland.
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React toggles hook

Jan 25, 2021


Having too many dialogs, modals, popups in one component and state starts to become repetitive? Solution - write a custom hook for it.


I'll use a bunch of Material UI components for preview example but useToggles hook works with any dialog/modal/popup component as it's just an encapsulated, reusable React state code.


useToggles hook

React - useToggles.js
  • First, we import the useState hook from React.
  • Then, we createuseToggles hook function which is accepting initialToggles object as a parameter.
  • initialToggles could look like that:
    { isDialogOneOpen: false, isDialogTwoOpen: true }.
  • Then, we use the above object as a default value in the useState hook which returns toggles object and setToggles function to update them.
  • handleToggles function handler is updating the state of the toggles using setToggles function, the name parameter is a string name of the toggle to update, and the value parameter is a boolean.
  • ... spread operator is used to clone existing toggles object and update a boolean value of one concrete toggle by a string name parameter.
  • Lastly, we return toggles and handleToggles as an object from the hook function.

App - 2 dialogs

React - app.js
  • Our app code looks a bit intimidating but mostly it's just a boilerplate code for rendering purposes. 😅
  • First, we import all the necessary pieces.
  • Then, we create ExampleDialog component to avoid duplication as we use 2 dialogs later on.
  • We use our sweet useToggles hook to control the state of our dialogs.
  • We render Dialog, Button, and Grid components from Material UI mentioned before.
  • toggles and handleToggles are used in the above components to handle dialogs state.


  • Extracting repetitive logic is a perfect use case for hooks in React.
  • The above solution should work with any library and any dialog/modal/popup components as it's just a React state with extracted logic.
  • To make it more scalable and include additional actions, e.g. toggleAll, useReducer hook would be a more appropriate solution than useState.
  • The point of this pill is to grasp the ability to create custom hooks rather than presenting a concrete solution.
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